La Baleine de Luc


The building of the first casino (rooms annexed to the baths facility), in c. 1860, offered holidaymakers a variety of entertainments, games and shows. In 1882, a violent storm combined with a big tide destroyed the promenade and the building on it.

The new casino, built in 1883, would have five main rooms. A gaming circle was set up. To gain admission, you had to be sponsored by a member and pay a membership fee. This circle met with little success. After the casino was destroyed during the Second World War, it was five years until a new one was built, designed by the architect Monsieur Auvray. It was opened in 1956 and reopened in 1958 with Monsieur Cardi in charge.

Facing the sea, the Casino restaurant at Luc-sur-Mer, l'Aile, offers an unrestricted view. Come and discover the menu in this original and definitely modern setting.

In this new complex, you have a spacious function room for your private and professional functions; parties of up to 50 (on request), gourmet and traditional food...  

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